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Fall into the Sheik Lab

Cha, cha, cha changes! This year we're seeing people come and go but we are all excited about the future of the lab!

This fall we've seen great undergraduate students move on from the lab and university. First, Hannah Kreibich, who's research on lactic acid producing bacteria and hop tolerance, landed her a full time position at the Castle Danger Brewing company! Second, Ben Block has moved on as well to start a PhD looking at zooplankton at the University of Vermont.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dr. Ana (Mindy) Morales, has left the University of Minnesota to begin her faculty career at the University of Vermont!

Undergraduate student Adam Olson was awarded a UROP fellowship and will continue his work on Desulfovibrio desulfuricans G11, portions of which are highlighted in the upcoming Genome Announcement publication.

Portions of the summer saw me presenting research at Goldschmidt 2017. While other portions I was on or near Mt. Etna viewing the amazing landscapes of an active volcano! This volcano is huge and super active! Nothing like walking on lava from a few weeks ago while watching it vent millions of tons of water each day!

So far off to a good start! Hopefully next update will have loads more good news!!

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