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Lab Members

The Sheik Lab continues to evolve and grow.

If you are interested in joining the lab please contact me!

Cody Sheik Ph.D
Associate Professor

cssheik at
Postdoc: University of Michigan 
PhD: University of Oklahoma
BSc: University of Oklahoma

Cody's love for microorganisms has taken him from glaciers in Greenland to hydrothermal vents in Earth's oceans. Cody and the Sheik lab members are focused on understanding how microbial processes drive food webs in freshwater and sediment environments. The Sheik lab has several ongoing projects that use the Laurentian Great Lakes as a natural testing ground.

Lab Members

Jake's primary research is focused on understanding the diversity and distribution of water-column algal species across the Great Lakes. Currently, his research is focused on generating multi-season metatranscriptomic datasets and ultimately analyzing for stress response to near-shore stressors and whatever other cool stuff are present!

Jake Callaghan
WRS PhD Student
Kaela Natwora
WRS Fellow
WRS -PhD Student 

Kaela's primary research is focused on understanding if nitrogen fixation aids cyanotoxin production in low nitrogen environments. Additionally, she is investigating the distribution of nifH genes across the great lakes and measuring fixation rates. 

Former members
Mindy Morales PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
UMN Grand challenges Fellow 
Assistant Professor University of Vermont
Adam Olson 
UROP Researcher (2017)
Protein turnover in Desulfovibrio St. G11
Hannah Kreibich
UROP Researcher (2016-2017)
Now at Castle Danger Brewing Co.
Austin Sailer
Undergraduate Researcher (2016)
Ben Block
Undergraduate Researcher (2016-2017)
PhD Student at University of Vermont 
Kendall Carden
Undergraduate Researcher (2016)
Jennifer Knack
Co-Advised IBS PhD Student
Emily Hyde
WRS Masters student 
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